About Us

Here at Secret & Scents we strive to provide you with the most natural and eco friendly products possible. Each candle and tart is hand poured with US grown, natural soy wax derived from only soy beans here in our own US based facility. No crude oil by-products are used in any of our jewelry candles or tarts.

Each candle has only the highest quality fragrances ranging from fruity, spicy, sweet, savory, and refreshing. There are no colorings or additives in any of our wax products and each includes a hand-selected piece of beautiful jewelry inside. Wrapped carefully in a heat resistant bag and gold foil sits a personalized, hand picked surprise for each of our customers.

Enjoy the freedom to choose between a necklace, earrings, or ring of your size in a scent of your choice and let us do the rest. We want your surprise to be the absolute best possible experience; any pieces that don’t meet our high standards automatically gets discarded. Unique, one of a kind styles are chosen for our products to ensure that every experience is one that is remembered. Perfect for any occasion, our candles are great for birthday presents, Christmas gifts, house warming add-ons, fundraising events, baby showers, engagement additions, bright sunny days or cold winter nights, and much, much more.

Fill your surroundings with warm, inviting, and delicious scents while simultaneously creating one of a kind memories. Delight those around you with this unique and personalized gift. Hand made with special care and attention just for you, we hope you love them as much as we do!