What are your candles made of?

At Secret & Scents our candles are made from all natural, non toxic, 100% soy wax. There are no GMO  (Genetically Modified) components to the wax we use. 

What is the benefit of using all soy candles over the more common paraffin wax candles?

Paraffin wax is derived from fossil fuels found deep within the earth. After being harvested these fossil fuels undergo harsh refinement processes and the bi product is paraffin wax. Secret & Scents is proud to offer its customers a vegetable based alternative.

Can my candle sweat?

If it appears that the top of your candle is “sweating”, this is very well possible. In comparison to paraffin wax, soy wax melts at a much lower temperature. At roughly 80-90 degrees soy wax can begin to melt and may run at the surface of the candle. When the candle reaches room temperature it will return to a solid state. We also put the maximum amount of fragrance in our soy candles and soy can sometimes release the oil. Do not be concerned, this is normal and will not in any way affect the quality of your candle.

Are Secret & Scents candles made in the USA?

Yes each and every one of our candles is hand poured in our warehouse in Nevada. 

What is tunneling?

Tunneling occurs when the wax in a candle burns straight down similar to that of a tunnel, leaving wax on the sides of the candle. To prevent tunneling the wick should ideally be only 0.5 inches long. It's important that after burning your candle for long periods of time the natural mushroom that occurs from burning is snipped off and the wick is trimmed to 0.5 inches once again. Another way to avoid tunneling is to ensure that you burn your candle long enough to allow a pool of liquid wax to collect over the entire top of the candle, not just a small puddle. Let the pool get as far out as possible, as close to the edges of the jar as you can get, ideally the entire top will be liquid. Also it is best to avoid burning the candle for longer than 3 or 4 hours so that the scent of your candle is preserved for longer use.

What is frosting?

Every soy candle has the ability to frost. It is simply a characteristic of soy when it is burned. Do not be concerned, there is nothing wrong with your candle and it will not affect the burn quality or scent quality. Candles that claim to be soy that do not frost are simply not 100% soy.

Why can I not smell my candle?

There are a couple reasons why you may not be smelling your candle. When our senses are exposed to a stimulus for a certain period of time, they become sensitized. This is known as odor fatigue. Your nose can easily become used to a smell and it no longer is sensitive to it. After extended exposures to a smell such as a candle scent your body's awareness to the odor will fade so that you are no longer actively aware of it. If you are removed from the scent for some time you will again be able to notice the distinct aroma. (This would be a good time to try one of our other delicious scents!).

Is it possible to receive a candle without jewelry?

Absolutely not. We hand wrap every single piece of jewelry for every single candle that is made. It would be impossible for you to receive a candle without jewelry in it as each candle is hand poured and one of the very first steps is to manually attach the piece of jewelry to the side of the clear glass. Then the wax is poured into the candle and the piece of jewelry is used as a point of reference as to how far the wax should be filled to. Without the jewelry there is no fill line, the jar would then be discarded and not filled.

Additional questions?

Feel free to contact us with your questions or concerns at

support @ secretandscents.com